Casino and Nightlife

Entertainment and activities to suit all tastes, day and night, are available in your floating resort. What other holiday can give you more? The entire ship is at your disposal, with its superb facilities and features. By day, you can choose from many different activities or get involved in sports competitions and dance classes. You can even learn to speak Italian! And at night, it's all bright lights and parties. Choose from piano bar, jazz, classical, Latin and ballroom dancing or hits from the '60s and '70s.

There are cocktail parties indoors and deck parties outdoors. You can get down on the dance floor in the disco or try your luck on the slot machines in the casino. The night is long and full of surprises…

  • Live music & piano bar
  • Great theatre shows
  • Disco
  • Themed parties
  •  Library and card room   
  • Casino and Bingo (for an extra charge)

While the ship is sailing, there's time to have a go at everything, which includes placing a bet at the Casino. Slot machines, roulettes and poker tables await you, so why not try your luck, have fun with your friends and spend an evening that's out of the ordinary? Remember that you'll need cash in order to play, with the exception of a few ships where you'll be able to use your Costa Card as well. Entry to the Casino is restricted to people over the age of 18.


Surfing the Net is easier on Costa ships! From today, if you have a laptop, palmtop, smart phone or any other wireless enabled mobile phone you can bring it on holiday with you and stay connected to the world and your friends. All our ships have a Wi-Fi service providing you with a high speed wireless connection to the Internet at any time.

You'll be free to surf the Net in all the common areas, pool deck and cabins covered by the Wi-Fi service. Choose the offer most suited to your needs: either pay-per-use, for occasional connections, or one of the various pre-paid price plans we offer. The cost of the service will be charged directly to your Costa Card.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Discover all the benefits of exclusive relaxation treatments every day in the wellness centers on our ships. Enjoy the treatments provided for couples, like the therapeutic massages to relax and rebalance your body.

Some of us enjoy saunas while others prefer aerobics, some love swimming while others just like to relax in a Jacuzzi no worries, Costa ships allow you to keep fit in whatever way you want, and at any time of the day. Gym, dance lessons, jogging: you can get involved in any sport on your own or with your friends.

Samsara Spa

The sea is good for you. It's a feeling you recognize straight away, as soon as you breathe the air and its fragrance fills your body. It relaxes you. It regenerates you. This is why Costa Cruises has combined the pleasure of travel with the well-being provided by the best health and beauty treatments. Modern and sumptuous Wellness Centers await you on Costa's ships, especially the latest ones. Spacious and luxurious environments provide a range of the highest quality treatments, equal to the best and most renowned Spas in the world.

A Cruise Samsara: welcome in a world of privileges

A holiday dedicated to pleasure for the senses and the mind: pampering, relaxation, targeted treatments and lots of cosseting for an experience of total well-being that will envelope you throughout your cruise, day after day. Beginning with the special comforts of the Samsara Cabins and Suites, the Welcome Ritual reserved for Samsara Guests, to the exclusive pleasure of the Samsara Restaurant.

In Cabin and Suite Samsara: an exclusive experience to enjoy thoroughly

The Welcome Ritual is a series of privileges dedicated to people who choose the pleasure of a wellness cruise in a Samsara Cabin or Suite. An advisor will help you achieve well-being day after day, sunbathing and enjoying thalassotherapy baths, therapeutic massages and purification rituals. In fact the ritual includes unlimited access to the Spa areas, including use of the thalassotherapy pool, Tridosha Shrine and Temple of Peace, plus the opportunity to choose fitness and meditation treatments and lessons.

Treatments and lessons included in the Ritual: the best way to choose

When you start a wellness circuit it's not always easy to choose among all the treatments on offer: will a Balinese massage be more effective than the Samsara stone aromatherapy? Yoga or Pilates? For this reason, your privileges on a Samsara cruise include two tickets to the Solarium, two treatments and two lessons of your choice from a selection designed specifically for you!

Purification starts from inside

A delicate ayurvedic infusion awaits you in the Japanese Tea Room: another one of the little privileges offered to those who choose a Samsara cruise, like the daily opportunity to enjoy meals in the Samsara Restaurant, based on carefully selected healthy ingredients transformed into light and imaginative dishes to provide the right balance between well-being and Flavor every time. And for snacking between meals or in your cabin, the Samsara Cabin and Suites mini bar and room service provide low calorie products and menus plus a selection of teas to enjoy at any time of day.

A different pleasure every day

Many different forms of care are required to achieve well-being: movement, relaxation, beauty treatments, a healthy and balanced diet and purification of the skin. The Samsara experience will help you achieve perfect harmony, the ideal balance between all the elements that contribute to well-being.

All services and treatments that we offer can be booked directly on board.

  • The Ayurvedic ritual: Ayurvedic massage originates from Indian medicine and is used to restore physical and mental balance and well-being. All areas of the body are massaged with reharmonizing movements, taking into account the different elements of which they consist: air, water and fire. On board you'll be able to choose between various ayurvedic rituals to achieve the inner balance and well-being most suited to you.
  • Therapeutic massages: Brushing, vibration, pressure, friction. Massage is a therapeutic treatment known since antiquity. The essential requirement is to let go and relax completely. Each treatment - from Balinese massages to stone therapy, aromatherapy or four-handed massage – is an important stimulus to encourage the flow of energy and revitalize the body.
  • Body care: A wellness holiday includes many different experiences: caring for your body, feeding it properly, toning and purifying the skin, are just some of the essential stages you must go through to achieve personal well-being. During the cruise you'll have all the time you need to choose the best beauty treatment for your skin.
  • Face care: The skin on your face is affected by everything you do during the day, which is why it's so important to look after it. You need to protect and regenerate it with specific treatments and massages. Proper facial care immediately gives you a radiant and youthful appearance: and you won't be the only one to realize.
  • Toning circuits: Fitness circuits in our well-equipped gym and balanced physical activities like Yoga and Pilates are not only enjoyable but will also help you stay healthy and tone your muscles. From dawn to dusk you can choose your ideal form of exercise, with the assistance of a personal trainer in the weights area or following organized circuits, as well as joining in our invigorating group cycling workouts.
  • Hairstyling and beauty salon: Finally you can treat yourself to those little pleasures you have never had the time to enjoy: allowing expert hands to change or refresh your hairstyle. Caring for your image begins with a pedicure and ends with your hair. You can rely on the experience of our professionals for valuable make-up tips, suggestions for a new hairstyle and color and everything else you may desire.
  • Barber Shop: Beauty for men: the best products and treatments dedicated to the new beauty requirements of men. Whether you're taking care of your appearance, enjoying a relaxing moment or looking for a perfect shave, without the hurry of your daily routine, the Barber Shop provides the opportunity to try effective creams and lotions to relax, revitalize and smooth your skin.
  • Samsara Dream: If you've always dreamed of having a whole Spa at your disposal, Samsara Dream is the wellness package for you. Even if you haven't booked a Samsara Cabin or Suite, you can still experience the exclusive Samsara Spa services and transform your cruise into a total wellness holiday.

Onboard Shopping

Remember that perfume you've always wanted? Designer clothes for a special occasion, jewelry, watches, accessories, cosmetics, souvenirs: somehow the objects you buy on holiday always remind you of the pleasure you experienced at the time. Why not take the opportunity therefore to visit all the stores on the ship? They're open while the ship is sailing and offer attractive duty free deals.

Everyone always returns from a Costa cruise with a bag full of excitement and beautiful memories. Emilio Robba, an internationally renowned designer, has transformed these feelings into fascinating and distinctively designed objects and accessories. Inspired by nature, the selection you'll find on board offers all the best you can find for beautiful living: unusual and poetic gifts, table decorations, photography, the art of escapism, home fragrances: lots of exquisite ideas for people who appreciate the beautiful things in life, people who love to amaze and be amazed.

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