Kids Program

Costa’s club for children is known as the Squok Club. Their spaces are equipped with plenty of bright colors and furnishings. Your child will be entertained with the latest video game consoles and Sping Master games such as Meccano, the Aquadoodle carpet, and Spy Gear for secret agents. Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolosa, and Costa Diadema exclusively feature open-air Water Parks, with a pirate ship, games and even a castle.

Squok Club is divided into different age groups and is open from 9:00 am to midnight. The age groups are divided as follows:

  • Mini (3-6 years)
  • Maxi (7-11 years)
  • Teen Junior (12-14 years)
  • Teen (15-17 years)

For guests ages 3 to 6 in the Mini club, there is an opportunity to meet the famous Peppa Pig after boarding. The children will be able to talk with her and take plenty of photos. Peppa Pig even has her own day on every cruise and young guests can enjoy activities such as coloring, crafts, treasure hunts and puzzles. In the afternoon, kids can have lunch with Peppa Pig with a special menu. An evening dance at the disco with Peppa will be the highlight of the trip. There are plenty of colorful souvenirs to remember Peppa Pig by or to even take home to share the delight with friends.

Some example activities available for ages 3-11 include:

  • Treasure hunts
  • Sports tournaments
  • Dance and karaoke competitions
  • Costume parades
  • Themed parties

The teens can have fun too, with example activities including:

  • Dance and music courses
  • Sports tournaments
  • Pool parties with a midnight swim
  • Games at the disco
  • Themed dinners
  • Birthday dinners
  • An area available for hire for a high-tech party
The “Under 3 Service”
Costa’s staff await with specially designed play activities, in the presence of mom, dad or an accompanying adult.
The Baby Squok Club
Exclusively on Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda a baby sitting service available for children between 1 and 3 years old, where nannies take care of your little ones for an additional charge.

The support of Costa’s staff is available free of charge at the clubs after registering your children onboard. You will be given a detailed program of activities then.

For a small extra charge, Costa’s Squok Club can organize a special day for girls and boys upon request. There is a day for children who want to be a princess called “Princess for a Day.” This event includes hair and make-up, a dance with dad and a professional portrait, all while dressed up like a princess. The other event is “Captain in Training.” Those who opt for “Captain in Training” will be taught by the Squok Club team how to use sea tools like a compass and a flag, and they will also be taught technical sailor terms. While dressed as a Captain, the child on their special day will announce the weather forecast and take part in a special dinner in the main restaurant.

Costa’s ships are designed to accommodate strollers. These accommodations include elevators, spacious cabins, large decks and walkways. Children under the age of 3 have priority boarding and are allowed to play games in the Squok Club, outside of the busiest times, when accompanied by an adult. They cannot participate in activities designed for children over 3. Children who are set to turn 3 during the cruise can access the Squok Club upon embarkation.

Parents who wish to participate in excursions while leaving their children onboard will need to notify the Squok Club 24 hours beforehand so they can accompany their children 15 minutes before the start of the tour.


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